About Us

Thank you for your interest in The Site Company. We are a full service website management company. We offer custom website design, custom program development, hosting on super fast private web servers, domain registration and on going site support and development.

We can provide your business or group with as much “hands on” assistance or as little as you like. We offer both typical website hosting packages where you can doing it all yourself with the industry standard Control Panel and Management packages where we take care of everything for you including content changes.

If you care to learn more about us you can contact us or continue reading. We have provided a brief company history below.

In the Beginning

The Site Company started life in 1997 designing and managing websites.

From the start it was obvious that The Site Company was different in how it chose to handle clients. Completely dissimilar from the “hit and run” design firms or “do it yourself” hosting companies, The Site Company endeavored to do something more helpful and more personal.

Favoring long term relationships and one on one support, The Site Company began with a small collection of clients that it carefully managed and promoted. It did so on a commission basis. The idea was that by aligning the success of the client with the success of The Site Company a easy working relationship could be created. It worked beautifully and those clients flourished as did The Site Company.

As time went on more and more “service” oriented clients began requesting help of a similar nature through referrals from existing clients. Unfortunately as the sale of some tangible goods or prepaid services were not part of their business The Site Company found itself unable to provide similar levels of support and so had to turn away such business.

A desire to help was their but the solution to provide those services at reasonable prices wasn’t.

A Webmaster for Everyone

Perhaps it was the frequency of requests for assistance that had to be rejected or the displeasure at continuously answering an obvious need in the market with no solution. Maybe it was the observation of so many people in need of help and guidance and a complete void in the market place to provide that help for anything less than huge and expensive marketing contracts.

Whatever the reason, it was decided that The Site Company could do something about this and not go bankrupt doing it. It could provide the same personal service it’s commission based clients enjoyed without commissions as a revenue stream. It could provide the same guidance, care and genuine interest without commissions as part of the equation. The Site Company could serve as Webmaster for all it’s clients. And it could do so at a price that any client could afford.

Full Service Website Management is Born

Website Management is a concept that seeks to provide a level of service that is similar to having your very own webmaster without having to have this webmaster on your payroll. For this to work as a viable service offering three elements had to be present.

  • It had to be comprehensive giving the client everything they needed to not only get started but stay viable.
  • It had to be accessible so that everyone from a sprawling resort to the local barber could affort it.
  • It had to be managed so that no single client could absorb more attention than the other clients of The Site Company.

The eventual solution took to the form or what The Site Company calls “Website Management”.

Website Management is what The Site Company offers as a “flat rate” design, hosting and management package. It includes free domain registration, free custom website design and free hosting. Once your site is up and running you are entitled to up to two hours of individual one on one time each month which can be used to make changes to your website or provide other services relevant to your ongoing success.

Under the terms of the Website Management package the client pays only $49.95 per month, which prices the service in easy range of anyone and everyone.

If the client requires more than the allotted time or requires special features or custom programs or scripts created for their website a small hourly fee is charged or the need is quoted as a “project”.

Problem Solved

The story is being truncated somewhat in the interest of brevity but it should suffice to say that it has worked for clients of The Site Company many of which have been loyal clients for more than thirteen years.

It can also be concluded that it has worked for The Site Company as they are still in business and still providing their “Management Services”.