Simple Site Flat Fee $50


Our simple flat fee program is for site owners that want a professional look but for the lowest possible cost. If you qualify for this program you will enjoy free hosting,  free design and up to two hours per month of one on one time with our website professionals that are capable of doing everything from answering simple questions to adding pages and content for you.

You pay only a management fee of $50 per month and you are not bound to any contract. You can discontinue any time you want even if your only reason is that your cat told you to ūüôā

How do I know if I qualify?

We qualify clients for this program based on two criteria:

1) Are  your needs simple enough that we  are likely to meet or exceed your  goals within the boundaries of this program?

2) Do we feel that what we give you will keep you happy  enough to continue to choose to stay with us each month?

Typically, a simple telephone conversations is all that is required for use determine if you are a good fit for this program. If we decide that you are then you are in luck because you will get all the toys and resources that the big kids have without shelling out thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.

OK. I am convinced. Sign me up.

Sounds Good But…

No need to rush. Contact us. Ask questions? Tell us about your project. We are assuming the risk here by offering you a completely open ended service. We’ll assume the risk and take a loss if you cancel after the first month so we are duty and financially bound to make you happy and keep you happy.

If we ensure that you have a professional, impressive, productive and easy to use website you will grow and as you grow you will lean on us for other needs. Perhaps you will want to dive into the wild world of social media marketing or start doing some serious SEO work and do battle with your competitors in the search engines. Your friends at The Site Company will be right there ready to assist you with these needs and prepared with custom tailored packages that give you the big bang for your buck.

Later you may choose you have a special development project that requires custom programming or coding. Again, we are right here to help.

Simply put; our mission is to demonstrate to you that you can actually do business with your website. Once you realize that we hope you will  want our brand of help with everything else too.

Lets do this!

Still Not Convinced?

Good! That demonstrates that you realize not everyone will qualify. That’s true. Not everyone does, but even if you don’t we still have plenty of programs that would be perfect for you. Reach out to us and tell us about your project. We have been designing and managing websites for over 17 years. We can work with you to custom tailor a program that gives you only what you need and none of what you don’t.