Avatar for WordPress Sites

Most wordpress site themes implement some sort of system to display an avatar, most notably in comments but you might not be clear on how this happens or how you can upload a personal avatar for use on your WordPress website.

The answer is pretty simple : gravatar.com

All you have to do is register your email address with gravatar.com and then use that email address on the WordPress site. The rest is automatic. What is better is that other sites such as forum and message board also include this feature. You can even register multiple gravatars using different email addresses but managed through a single email address and login.

Essentially all that is happening with gravatar is that site you are on is configure to support it so it is sending a query to gravatar.com using your email address. If it finds a match it returns a picture. Simple, smart, effective and easy.

So what are you waiting for? It only take  a few seconds and don’t forget to look for the confirmation email from gravatar. Once that’s clicked you are good to go. Anywhere you use that email address in the future where gravatar is support you mug will be beaming back at you on every post.


Author: Brian Marshall

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