iPhone earbuds instead of bluetooth? Really?

iPhone ear buds or earbuds in general can be menace, getting caught on things and always in the way. I can’t count how many times my iPhone was ripped from my pocket because the wire became entangled on the door nob. In large part this is what drives many people to spend the money, deal with the limitations and frustrations associated with ALL bluetooth headsets.

I won’t go into all the dangling wire problems as I am sure you a very familiar and have a few mishaps of your own.

There is a very simple solution that is so fantastically simple you wouldn’t be likely to think of it. It might even persuade you away from a bluetooth headset…maybe.

Put it down the back of your shirt!

Perhaps you are thinking ….”I read those first couple of paragraphs for this?” Just try it and you will see what I mean. Here are some benefits I have found for joining the “ear bud down back of shirt” club (not a real club…I hope).

  • Does not get ripped from your hand by door nobs.
  • Does not get tangled on other normal life objects.
  • Is not visible to you.  I never realized how distracting those goofy white wires were until they were behind me.
  • You can raise your hand to your face without ripping your ear buds out.
  • When you take them out the hang at a predictable location on the right and left unlike when you where them in the front and they get all tangle together.
  • You can tuck them under your collar when not wearing to hide the fact you even have them on.
  • Vastly superior to Bluetooth on so many levels not worth iterating through the benefits.
  • The volume / siri buttons and mic rest at  predictable place on your neck.
  • The mic seems to work better in this location than right infront of you mouth for some reason.
  • You can easily cup the mic against your neck if you are in a noisey situation and it does an amazing job of killing all background noise. Interestingly the resting location of the mic is right near your voice box so when when cup it in noisy situations Siri does not get confused. Seriously this benefit alone is worth trying it.
  • It’s discrete. I often just leave one ear bud in and  leave the other tucked beneath my collar.

Author: Brian Marshall

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